Coupons and Discounts

Weekly Discounts

In addition to our already-low-prices,
there are many other ways to get additional savings:
Each week we have a half of sale as well as regular daily specials listed below:

Monday is Men’s Day 50% off all Men’s Clothing

Tuesdays is Senior Citizen’s Day 50% off all Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry

Wednesday is Student’s Day 50% off all Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry

Thursdays is Government Worker’s Day 50% off all Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry

Friday is Designer Day 50% off all Designer White Tag Clothing


Angel Card

Purchase an ANGEL CARD today and get 50% off all Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry for 3 months. Only $20.00 for half price any day of the week.


Retro Room Club

While you are shopping at HTGT remember to stop by our sister store the Retro Room! We have an awesome new club going on and we would love you to join! If you would like a club card it is $30 and you will receive 30% off ALL Retro Room purchases for 3 months!


Gift Card Drawing

When you make a Retro Room purchase remember to get entered for our monthly gift card drawing! You could win a $30 gift card to the Retro Room or HTGT.


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